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Hear no evil
20 April 2009

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dagilmar on Sunset Lightning Bolt II
I wish the lightning had struck just more in the centre of the image to be better appreciated. Anyway, it is a good ...

Lindsay on Sunset Lightning Bolt II
wow...awesome shot! Love the bolt too! No cows this time? :)

jlm on Sunset Lightning Bolt II
Amazing colors

Dimitrios, think positive. on Ma and Pa Finch

Susan on Dad and the kids
Nice've been gone for awhile....nice to have ya back !!!

Susan on Blue Thorn
Cool shot, and nice to see ya back !! Shooting does come in phases, doesn't it????? Lucky me, lots of ...

maryam on Merry Christmas!
best year for you, its fantastic

San G. on Merry Christmas!
A great balance - warm and chilly. What a great presentation.

Pied Crow on Merry Christmas!
Lovely simple shot with a real sense of the season...

Frances Berry on Merry Christmas!
Awesome! Merry White Christmas!

Susan on Merry Christmas!
wonderful image.......happy day to ya !!

Grahame on Northern Flicker
Have a good Christmas !!

Frances Berry on Northern Flicker
Wonderful POV.

Self-Indulgence on Northern Flicker
Nice catch!

Susan on Northern Flicker
Wonderfully clear shot.....Isn't technology wonderful????

Loner on Northern Flicker
A beautiful bird ! It is not easy to take photos against the bright sky.

Daniel on creek reflection
Very nice

Susan on creek reflection
Nice catch !

LauraS on creek reflection
Really beautiful shot. Love this reflection.

Shoebox on creek reflection
The calm surface of the water makes this look like a mirror reflection, enhancing the complexity of the tree branches. ...

zahra on Sycamore or less
very nice.

LauraS on Fall Color
This is striking and very beautiful coloring.

Frances Berry on Are you experienced?
Nice colors and they set an appropriate mood. The photo definitely feels like a fall/winter day.

Susan on Got bug repellent?
Cool !!

Curly on Got bug repellent?
An exceptionally well thought through crop!

cassiel on Mordor
Uff!! Beauty sky

Raul on Mordor
Simply Beautiful!!!!!

Curly on Mordor
Middle earth never looked this good!

Self-Indulgence on Mordor
Almost surreal.

Gina on Mordor
WOW.Stunning sky.

zahra on Mordor
very nice.

Joan Felix on rock tossin' fool
nice image,....

PeterFH on rock tossin' fool
Great timing. (At least he´s not tossing stones through windows :))

Curly on Phenom
I wish I could understand the American fascination with this game which is so much like "rounders" played by ...

Garfield on The Freemound Gang
Love the compo and tonal quality. Nice!

Curly on The Freemound Gang
Wow, that light is something special.

Frances Berry on The Freemound Gang
I like all the layers of horizontal lines. They keep drawing my eye from front to back, front to back. Nice compo!

zahra on The Freemound Gang
very nice.

Susan on Becky Bullets
Go Becky!!!!

Kim on Dam Little
Beautiful... soft shapes and strong lines.

k@ on Dam Little
Delicious how we feel the slopes*

Susan on Another Ricochet Sunset
WOW !! Awesome!!!!

DaveB on Another Ricochet Sunset
Magic colours in this!

dideban on Another Ricochet Sunset
Beautiful shot, is good photo

Susan on Mission Accomplished
Great catch...he's just hanging there!!! Nice one!

David Nos on Mission Accomplished
Amazing picture, such vivid colors and focus!! Wonderful moment perfectly captured!

Curly on Hustler
Wow, it's in a s much of a hurry as I am - gotta go, bye bye!

k@ on Tumbler
The ight is gorgeous !

Scott F. Schilling on Stony Visage
Very nice angle and the close up detail is great!

Frances Berry on Stony Visage
I love the angled compo and the color is beautiful. Thanks!

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